Saturday, July 26, 2008


I went to the arts & crafts fair downtown yesterday. And though I didn't like 99.9% of the art there, I loved 100% of the people. Everyone made it safe to be artistic, creative, eccentric.... And to be yourself.

I loved it.

And for once, random people complimented my outfit continuously. Many people liked it...

OK, here are five stories of the arts fair, and how it affected my life.

1. I met a woman at a booth.
She loved my outfit and complimented me, and I said thank you. This was after I bought one of her rings that were $3.00... she was sooooo kind. And the woman she was with had the best glasses! They had checkered frames. The checks were black and white, and the lenses were circular, like John Lennons.
What I learned from it??? Well, to help others by supporting their art (like me buying her ring), and then they will support yours (my fashion.)

2. I met an amazing musician.
I was walking down the street of booths with my guitar... Yes, I was carrying an acoustic this whole time, because I wanted to play on the sidewalk. But anyways, I went to the side of the road. My friend, Annie, tuned my guitar while a woman looked on. She eventually spoke up, and said she played bluegrass. I liked her immediately. I then told her about how my music teacher taught me blues, though she said blues and bluegrass were completely different. This is when I told her that it didn't matter, because I still learned to appreciate the bluesy sound of a soulful guitar... she liked me a lot, and wanted to play my guitar a bit later, but she was busy and eventually decided not to.
What I learned was that we have more similarities than differences.

3. I met an amazing girl.
Her name was Kuan/Quan/Kwan... she was sooooo beautiful. And she just said hi and was so warm to me. She seemed fascinated by me, somehow. I don't know why... no one has ever showed that much interest in me. But she did. And I took the same interest in her.
She was working for a man who sold clothing. My friend Annie knew him, so therefore Kwan and I were tied together through friends. Kwan talked to me about music and how I should go to open mic at Funk'n'Waffles... (Which I will totally do...)
And then, the most touching, amazing, riveting, lifechanging thing happened...
She exposed the artistic side of herself to me.
I think this is the most vulnerable side, also... But she took a camera out, and took pictures of me... I noticed it a few seconds after she had started clicking, but I just smiled... And she had a pretty good camera! You know, it was a Canon. And it was official, with its straps and lenses... She was a professional photographer!!!
And she was interested.. in me.
I then looked away and acted natural as she clicked away. I wanted to give her some candid-looking shots. So I looked nice and natural and let her make art....
And what I learned from this is that I am special. I can get by, with a little help from my friends... And that they come in all packages. Even cool ones that would normally intimidate me.
Because as long as I'm confident, I can make friends with the coolest of the cool.
And Kwan was just about as cool as they come, in my book!

4. I met an amazing man.
I don't know his name... But let me tell you something. He was SO KIND. I walked into his booth of clothes that he makes. I commented on his art, and he was touched. But before I even COULD comment on the wonderful art & clothing, he commented on my fashion. He said I should go to San Fransisco. The intersection of Haight & Ashbury. Where all the kindred spirits drop acid.
But anyways, he was amazingly kind and he was a freebird. Annie and I talked to him about the earth, o-zone, government, greed.... Everything. I got to know the man. And though he portrayed a concerned soul, a sense of optimism spread throughout the surroundings. He was truly soft.
What I learned was that I am worth the wait of childhood. I should wait until childhood is over. I shouldn't give up.... I should wait, wait, wait... wait until childhood is over and things get better.
And I learned how optimism can save the day.

5. I met an amazing chef.
Her name was Gwen... check out Gwen's Grill or Ruby's Soul Food. Ruby is Gwen's mother........
Gwen was a kind woman who served up the BEST burger I have possibly tasted. So juicy, and hearty.
But the food didn't matter, because it was mainly the conversation we held.
She was so cool and kind. She gave us paper towels to hold our food in as plates. Because it was "old school" as she said it. This was funny.
But the thing is is that she was soooo cool. She constantly talked to us, but she was interesting. Most people can't talk a lot without being boring. But she talked about so many things she was positively captivating.
She seemed to have a lot to say.
She even gave me her card, and that I could play guitar at her new restaurant any time!!!
What I learned from her is that there are amazing opportunities, and that there is a little hope within all of us.

What I learned from all these people???
Life is worth the wait.

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