Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nihongo o benkyou shimashou!!!

Konnichiwa, Gaijin!
Yeah, I'm going crazy with learning Japanese. I'm planning a vacation this summer full of Adventures in the Land of the Sun. I'm totally psyched that I can learn Japanese as fast as I am. However, I have no friggin' clue if I'm doing it correctly. Teehee.
However, I plan my vacation anyways.

Here are a few key phrases I've learned.

Yeah, fooood. :)
Correct my Japanese if I'm wrong. I'm quite the grammar-murderer sometimes. But whatever.
I'll write a post later. IN PURE JAPANESE!!!!!!!!! ^-^
BY THE WAY Sorry if I offend anyone with my stupidity at learning Japaneseee. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


True, true... I am the sushi master...<3

Teehee... Well, as you can guess, I made sushi. No, not felt. But REAL sushi.. I went back to the same wonderful grocery store that sold me my POCKY and bought the sushi supplies there.

Here's a step-by-step post of how I created yummeh sushii.

Cooking thee rice!



spreading rice.

Mission: Spreading wasabi ^-^

pickled cucumber and fishpaste insiiide <3

THE FINISHED SUSHI!!!!!!! >.<;; {♥}

Sushi o tabete! I want to eat sushi!!!! Hopefully I said it right.. But anyways. This picture is me eating teh sushii.

Nom---nom---nom!!! <3

Hopefully you liked!!! ^-^

Welcome to our happy family, Sushi-San!

Of course, I had to create another cute little felt critter, so I created SUSHI-SAN!!! soo cute ♥; I la-la-LOVE him!!!

So here's a piccy of the felt prince in his cuisine glory!

Bon appetit, sushi lovers. ^^;;

By the way, this picture isn't good, and it doesnt show how LARGE sushi-san ACTUALLY is !!! He's like a really mini pillow... <3

I shall cuddle with him on rainy nights. <3

Candy Day ^^

Whoot whooooot. I gots me some candeez. Bee jealouz.

But seriously, I had this great idea. I wanted POCKY!!! So what did I do? Begged and begged and begged my mom to waste precious gas so I could be driven to the Asian Grocery Store. Ahh, yummm.. Here's what I bought:

-POCKY ♥;;; !!!

-Koala Parade

-Hello Kitty biscuits and strawberry cream to dip it in

-Some AWESOME korean biscuits that I dont know the name of >.<;;

Basically, asian food rocks...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Whoa--- A post with no media?

True, true. I decided to just update about my life.... With no pictures!!

Must be the end of tha worllddd... Oh noes!!!

Anyways;;♥;.. I basically am nervous lately. I mean, I've got the regents coming up, and I might just get them done and over with without studying much... Why? Because I simply am lacking credits... I wasn't in 'real' school for a while, meaning I was HOMESCHOOLED.

Yeah, I was a sheltered little nerd. Teehee;

But anyways... I basically just might get a GED and then go straight to college afterwards. I probably will make an online buisiness to get me started financially. I've already been starting to create little felt creatures... I could start selling crochet creations, also...

...Me? ...Possible mogul? Teehee. I hope so!

But basically, I'm just really confused with my future... let me write down all my possible occupations:

-Graphic Artist?

-A model for D.I.Y. clothing lines?


-Internet mogul? (see above thoughts with crochet and felt... ha.)

-Hair stylist?

No clue.
But whatever I do, I plan to...

OK. I'm done with that thought...Hah.

Another thing going on in my life is my mom's birthday! It's finally here! We're going to a restaurant tonight. Forget dinner, let's go straight to DESSERT!!! Nom nom nom.... yummyy!!

I'm also knitting a scarf now. If it matters, it has orange and white stripes. An homage to JUNO, my faaave movie. ♥ ♥

I think I'm just blabbering now, though. So buhbye<3


Totemo Kawaii Desu!!! It's Utterly Adorable!!!

Say love, say love..

Loves gunnah getchuh downnn...

Crazy how poppy this is, but the lyrics actually aren't!! Teehee.

And It's crazy about how I'm utterly in love with my boyfriend, but still like this sad song.

But it's so dang cuuuute!!!



I added some links to the sidebar... Hopefully others will link to me soon...

^-^ !!!

So, check the links out! They are super interesting !!! Omoshiroii desu!

Aiko & Garu ! <3

Yahoo! Finally finished my felt cupcake yesterday.... AND I finished my felt DONUT this morning!! <3
I'll be giving the donut my dad tomorrow probably... But I gave the cupcake to my mom today as her birthday gift!!! :)

I gave her the choice of which felt pastry she wanted. Obviously she chose the CUPPY-CAKE!! ♥

And if you're wondering, the names Aiko and Garu are the names for my confections!!! AIKO is the cupcake, and GARU is thee donuuuut!

Without further ado, the pictures of my felt-ish goodness!

{Aiko ♥}

{ Garuuuu <3 }

They eez pastry luvarz ♥;.

And I guess that's abooout it... ^_~

Chi for me! ^^

Yesterday. Kitchen. Foam.

As the ominous clues above say, I created my Chi ears finally! Yesss.

Here's me in themmmm:

{Oh, how do I love Chi? Let me count the ways.. HA ♥ ♥}

And if that wasn't enough fun-ness, I put them on my frienddd. ^-^

{Yay, Japan!}

ZOMG. I love these ears... NEW FAVE ACCESSORY, YO!!! :D

Okay. I'm done typing for now. Buhbye.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Internet Dolls

I don't know if many people past 20 know this, but you can make dolls online!!! So here's a few of miiiine...♥

Oh, the CUTENESS!!! ♥;;;

Hopefully you head on down to to make some of your own!!

The Three F's

Fleece, Felt, and Foam. Perfect for kawaii crafts!!! ^o^

Today I'm going to WalMart and Michael's Crafts Store. When I arrive, I plan on going crazy with excitement & ecstasy... Honestly.

But here's what I'll make with the Three F's... Or the F Trinity, as I like to call it.. ha.

Lots and lots of cute little cosplay hats! Possibly become entrepeneur? >.<;;

Cute little dolls, handpuppets... Modeled after foodz... Yummeh! Nom Nom Nom...! *chews*

MY COSPLAY EARS! They'll be juuust like Chi's! Ya know, from the Chobits series???

♥ ♥

I shall provide you with pictures of total kawaiiness later. I mean, when I get my supplies and make all this stuffz! ♥

Chi For You And Me

I am a big fan of the Chobits series, just to let you know. So OBVIOUSLY, I was PSYCHED to find an online tutorial on how to make her ears! Perfecttt ^-^;;

I am such a mega-geek... But without further ado!! Here is the link...

I loves it! I shall make it today, and post the results latarz.

Best Movie Evarz? {SPOILERS AHEAD}

My favorite movie: JUNO... Movie most of my friends dislike: JUNO.
I have no clue why.
Some of my friends say that the reason they don't like it is that it is, and I quote, "Too Dark." And that confuses the hell outta me. I do see how it can be labeled "dark," but how is an unexpected teenage pregancy a happy time? Beats me.
My companions also thought that the situation of Mark leaving Vanessa was the darkest part, though I just call it the "conflict" in a story. I mean, there had to be some sort of wreckingball towards the otherwise easygoing story!
Some other critics have said that it lightened the topic of a unexpected pregnancy. I only have one thing to say... don't take everything so seriously. I have a few friends myself that have dealt with a teenage pregnancy, and they LOVED the movie.... They happen to have it on DVD, but I digress. :)
But what about KNOCKED UP? They seemed to loooove that sexist pig-fest. I swear, that was so sexist it must have made even Don Imus blush. Or throw up, considering it was so disgusting with it's unintelligent innuendo.
And I know all this from the previews. I can't even stand to watch that pile of crap stacked in a DVD case.
But all in all, I believe movies that empower women and are actually funnier than KNOCKED UP tend to spur critique.
That's okay, women will be equal to men one day. And when they do, call me... we'll throw a party. Full of stereotypes and sexual harrassment towards men. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sugar Sugar Cupcakes!

Boredom can consume man and turn him insane. However, Boredom made me make cupcakes today.
Sugar = better than madness.
Yahoo. Here we go!
FYI: This was my first baking project... woot!

{That's the batter and stuffz up there! ^-^}

{OMG Midget Cupcake!!! Like a Midget Muffin, but bettarz!}

That's after I baked 'em. And without further ado, the FINISHED, FROSTED PRODUCT!

{Frosted-y goodnesss.}
OH SNAP!!! I bet you no other cook could pull that pink frosting off QUITE as I did.
I mean, I'm just keepin' it real!!! :)
I love cooking now.
Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.... But I know you didn't, because you didn't get to taste them...
But they're crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside... The cake is sweet, so is the frosting!!!
You wish you had skills like me. Oh, you wish...
Well, have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day if I don't post until then.