Saturday, May 24, 2008

Best Movie Evarz? {SPOILERS AHEAD}

My favorite movie: JUNO... Movie most of my friends dislike: JUNO.
I have no clue why.
Some of my friends say that the reason they don't like it is that it is, and I quote, "Too Dark." And that confuses the hell outta me. I do see how it can be labeled "dark," but how is an unexpected teenage pregancy a happy time? Beats me.
My companions also thought that the situation of Mark leaving Vanessa was the darkest part, though I just call it the "conflict" in a story. I mean, there had to be some sort of wreckingball towards the otherwise easygoing story!
Some other critics have said that it lightened the topic of a unexpected pregnancy. I only have one thing to say... don't take everything so seriously. I have a few friends myself that have dealt with a teenage pregnancy, and they LOVED the movie.... They happen to have it on DVD, but I digress. :)
But what about KNOCKED UP? They seemed to loooove that sexist pig-fest. I swear, that was so sexist it must have made even Don Imus blush. Or throw up, considering it was so disgusting with it's unintelligent innuendo.
And I know all this from the previews. I can't even stand to watch that pile of crap stacked in a DVD case.
But all in all, I believe movies that empower women and are actually funnier than KNOCKED UP tend to spur critique.
That's okay, women will be equal to men one day. And when they do, call me... we'll throw a party. Full of stereotypes and sexual harrassment towards men. :)

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