Friday, May 23, 2008

Sugar Sugar Cupcakes!

Boredom can consume man and turn him insane. However, Boredom made me make cupcakes today.
Sugar = better than madness.
Yahoo. Here we go!
FYI: This was my first baking project... woot!

{That's the batter and stuffz up there! ^-^}

{OMG Midget Cupcake!!! Like a Midget Muffin, but bettarz!}

That's after I baked 'em. And without further ado, the FINISHED, FROSTED PRODUCT!

{Frosted-y goodnesss.}
OH SNAP!!! I bet you no other cook could pull that pink frosting off QUITE as I did.
I mean, I'm just keepin' it real!!! :)
I love cooking now.
Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.... But I know you didn't, because you didn't get to taste them...
But they're crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside... The cake is sweet, so is the frosting!!!
You wish you had skills like me. Oh, you wish...
Well, have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day if I don't post until then.

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