Sunday, May 25, 2008

Whoa--- A post with no media?

True, true. I decided to just update about my life.... With no pictures!!

Must be the end of tha worllddd... Oh noes!!!

Anyways;;♥;.. I basically am nervous lately. I mean, I've got the regents coming up, and I might just get them done and over with without studying much... Why? Because I simply am lacking credits... I wasn't in 'real' school for a while, meaning I was HOMESCHOOLED.

Yeah, I was a sheltered little nerd. Teehee;

But anyways... I basically just might get a GED and then go straight to college afterwards. I probably will make an online buisiness to get me started financially. I've already been starting to create little felt creatures... I could start selling crochet creations, also...

...Me? ...Possible mogul? Teehee. I hope so!

But basically, I'm just really confused with my future... let me write down all my possible occupations:

-Graphic Artist?

-A model for D.I.Y. clothing lines?


-Internet mogul? (see above thoughts with crochet and felt... ha.)

-Hair stylist?

No clue.
But whatever I do, I plan to...

OK. I'm done with that thought...Hah.

Another thing going on in my life is my mom's birthday! It's finally here! We're going to a restaurant tonight. Forget dinner, let's go straight to DESSERT!!! Nom nom nom.... yummyy!!

I'm also knitting a scarf now. If it matters, it has orange and white stripes. An homage to JUNO, my faaave movie. ♥ ♥

I think I'm just blabbering now, though. So buhbye<3

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