Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aiko & Garu ! <3

Yahoo! Finally finished my felt cupcake yesterday.... AND I finished my felt DONUT this morning!! <3
I'll be giving the donut my dad tomorrow probably... But I gave the cupcake to my mom today as her birthday gift!!! :)

I gave her the choice of which felt pastry she wanted. Obviously she chose the CUPPY-CAKE!! ♥

And if you're wondering, the names Aiko and Garu are the names for my confections!!! AIKO is the cupcake, and GARU is thee donuuuut!

Without further ado, the pictures of my felt-ish goodness!

{Aiko ♥}

{ Garuuuu <3 }

They eez pastry luvarz ♥;.

And I guess that's abooout it... ^_~

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