Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awesome Movie--- FACTORY GIRL

OK. So I basically found a reaally awesome movie! I always have been a fan of Andy Warhol's art, but now I've found a movie about the lives behind the scenes...


Though seemingly kiss-ass to Warhol and Sedgwick at times, it usually paints the cruel portrait most of the time; Scheming, coniving, and all-around mean!

However, I am almost done watching it. I'll try to report back later on how it was. :)

But I have enjoyed it so far. "So far" meaning 90% of the movie. It took me 3 days so far to get there though, considering I have been crazily busy. Shall I explain?

Well, I might NOT BE GOING TO JAPAN! I swear, no words can express my grief... But it's somewhat okay, because we WILL be going next year, meaning that the American dollar will be worth more when we shop in Tokyo..... YAY FOR AVANT GARDE CLOTHING! ^_^

Hopefully everything turns out great with traveling... But I know it will..... I'm just thinking, "Hey, why not NYC this summer instead of Japan?"

This is a logical thought. Why? Because I live in New York State, Duh. ^_^;;;

But GUESS WHAT! I bought some orange and yellow synthetic hair... I will TOTALLY MAKE IT INTO SOME FAKE HAIR PIECES! To be more specific, though... FAKE DREADLOCKS!


I guess I'm done nowww ^_^;;;


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