Friday, June 6, 2008


Give me a reason to love Japan, And I've probably already thought of it! Currently, I've been quite, er, enamoured with Japanese EVERYTHING... ("enamoured" meaning "obesessed.") Yeahh. And over all, I'm super-psyched THAT I AM GOING TO JAPAN!!!

Soo.... I've been speaking the language like hw a politician lies- seeming to know what they're saying ... When, in fact, they don't.

At times, I say things that don't make sense... But hell, I do that in English, too...

I am also my family's sushi chef. It's official.... I basically frequent the Asian Grocery Store as much as possible, making stops on the way to buy some crochet supplies. I'll talk about crochet later, though, as I tend to rant 'n' rave. ♥

But anyways, I am going to make a bento box soon. For those who aren't cool and are clueless about what the hell a bento is, I shall explain. A bento is a Japanese lunch box. They're very appealing to your eyes.

Intensified lunch boxes. No more superheroes, gimme HELLO KITTY.


Here's a guide I follow on how to create a bento...

click here...

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