Sunday, June 15, 2008


So. True.

I soooo wish I was in NYC right now. The traffic, noise, music, neon... everything. I want to start an art career there, or fashion. I'm split in between... But I know that whatever I wish to do, I can do it!

I am so incredibly bored with life right now. I want some passion for living right about now.

But I'm glad I at least have a sense of humor through all this. Dwindling as it may be.

Sooooooo Yeah.

I might go to NYC this summer though... Wooooot! You're jealous..? Good. Because I'M GOING TO NYCCCC! IM GOING TO NYCCC! *singsong voice*


Anyways, I'll post something uplifting later. ^-^"

Buhbye, kawaii friends.


KAY said...

I thought your in NYC already?

bridget said...

nope, just in a small city in new york state :(

have a super day :)

KAY said...

Thats close by..hehe
I thought you were living out of US.